Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Our business is organized around growing with our customers. We produce prototype quantities to mid-level production runs, with a high mix and high complexity of components. Our team is experienced at each step of the production process, giving customers a full-service contract manufacturing partner.

Using our extensive knowledge in the industries in which we work, we know how to approach each project with a plan for success. Our customized ERP system ensures that every detail of the manufacturing process is running efficiently by monitoring vital processes while accounting for lead times. Additionally, all products are inspected through a calculated mix of automated inspection methods and visual confirmation. This greatly enhances quality and ensures on-time delivery.

Turnkey / Consignment Jobs

We offer a fully integrated supply chain for our customers. Our team works with you to source reliable components, ensuring lower defect rates further along in the production run. Strategic relationships with suppliers provide the best value-add by streamlining the sourcing process, leveraging costs and ultimately mitigating your risk.

If you currently have a well-established procurement process, our team will work with you to receive kits and quickly start manufacturing your products.

SMT / Thru-Hole

We provide both SMT and Thru-Hole assembly processes, each designed to reduce quality defects and keep a high standard of variability in our production process. Our SMT lines are automated to increase speed while maintaining strict quality standards that adhere to IPC standards.

Boards requiring thru-hole components utilize selective soldering machines and traditional hand soldering. Much like our automated SMT machines, the selective soldering capability decreases production time and maintains strict quality standards.

When some components still need to be physically soldered in place, our experienced team is here to complete the job.

We have the capabilities to manufacture anything you design. Oftentimes, a printed circuit board is one small piece in a larger product, so we also offer full system integration with electromechanical assemblies right in our factory.

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