New Product Introduction

NPI New Product Introduction Services

Time to market is vital to the success of any new product introduction. Working with an experienced manufacturer through each step of the process ensures your product enters the market quickly and efficiently.

While your product is in its prototype stage there are several challenges it will face. That’s why we’ve designed our new product introduction or NPI process to address these problems and then, as the product matures, we can seamlessly integrate with engineering, operations, and business strategy—all key points for your product’s success at the prototype stage. This makes our NPI New Product Introduction Services strategic and responsive to our clients’ needs.

Working with us from conception to completion has many benefits. Lessons learned from the NPI run can often be implemented during the production run to improve quality, increase efficiencies and ultimately reduce manufacturing costs. Our NPI capabilities will ensure a seamless transition to full-scale production once you are ready to increase production requirements.

If you need assistance preparing your product for small-scale production runs, our Customer Innovation Center can help. It’s a space in our factory where your team can collaborate with our engineering experts. We’ll work together to review design for manufacturing opportunities and develop an appropriate supply chain, finalize your product concept and move towards production on our NPI line.

Working with our NPI line is a difference maker:
  • Reduce time to full-scale production
  • Implement design and production changes
  • Achieve manufacturing familiarity once in full production
  • Capitalize on our expert network of design and engineering experts

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