Military Contract Manufacturing Services

We take pride in working with the armed forces— you’ll find our assembly work in every branch of the U.S. military. With our military contract manufacturing services being used in critical applications, we understand the importance of quality, timeliness, and professionalism for our defense contractor customers.

Our PCBA and Sub-assemblies Are Found In:
  • Power Management Systems
  • Humvees, Trucks, Personal Carriers – IED Jamming Systems
  • Oxygen-generating Systems
  • Sniper Detection Systems
  • Fire and Water-control Systems

Our manufacturing processes are specifically designed to yield boards, sub-assemblies or systems that comply to J-STD-001ES (Space Addendum) Class 3 quality manufacturing standards. From the way we cut our stencils, optically inspect each assembly, solder components, to the technicians that inspect the assemblies, each and every step of the process has been developed to meet the rigorous standards of J-STD-001ES (Space Addendum) Class 3. To that end, every person that is involved in the soldering and inspection processes is certified to this standard, and we maintain two J-STD-001S (Space Addendum) trainers on staff to ensure everyone maintains this level of expertise.

The materials management and document-control systems are also specifically designed to meet the requirements of the defense industry, aligning with our ITAR certification. Our incoming procedures have a fail-safe mechanism which captures the appropriate original manufacturer’s traceability information before it is ever allowed into the stockroom. Documentation control is equally robust. Every engineering and process document change is traceable back to its originating document and maintained in a secured location.

As part of our continuous effort to stay in front of issues that can arise, we maintain an active membership in GIDEP, the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program.

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