VR Difference

We're Experts...

We are an innovative, full-service electronic contract manufacturer focused on quality, service, and building long-term partnerships. Manufacturing powers our economy, moves us forward and drives innovation. We know what it takes to build the products of tomorrow and have put the processes in place for sustained, continuous growth.

Deciding to partner with us is a strategic decision. We look to work with others who also understand our vision for an innovative future, with products that make life better.

We’re partners. That means we’re invested in you and want to make your vision succeed.

One of our important goals, aside from manufacturing, is to create an engaging and rewarding environment for our team and customers. We employ the brightest minds in the industry to help our customers solve their most challenging manufacturing problems since 1985.

We challenge the established norms in an effort to provide value to our customers, understanding that if we provide value for the customer we will ultimately prosper. It’s a selfless view that is hard to find in companies and even harder to find in electronic manufacturing service providers. Our mission statement and core values are reflective of just that.

We are at the intersection of the most cutting-edge technology and advanced systems, which provides our customers unparalleled quality and a better manufacturing experience.

Mission Statement

Build a collaborative organization committed to revitalizing the American manufacturing spirit through teamwork and innovative energy while providing a vibrant environment for American families.

Collaborative Strategic Partner

VR collaborates with customers to deliver strategic manufacturing solutions. Our goal is to become an integral part of their supply chain and help them further their impact on the world.


Teamwork and employee engagement are cornerstones of our established culture. An ideal team member is collaborative, cooperative, and committed to the success of the company. They’re industry experts: teachable, open-minded, and dedicated.


VR is committed to innovation and the revitalization of American manufacturing. We are purposeful in our investments by pursuing industry-shaping ideas that strengthen our competitive position in the global manufacturing landscape.