Electromechanical Assembly / Box Build

Outsourcing your electro-mechanical assembly allows you to leverage our expertise so you can focus on your core competencies.

Our manufacturing facility has dedicated customer-specific cells for performing final product assembly for your work. This service includes the assembly and integration of chassis, power supplies, cables and PCBA, along with system configuration, functional test and burn-in services.

This expertise allows us to individualize manufacturing programs for your specific requirements—from board assembly to complete turnkey dock-to-stock programs.

We have experience working with a diversified customer base in this discipline with an Electro-Mechanical Assembly or “Box Build” portfolio including high-tech medical electronics devices, classified military products, telecom devices, industrial and environmental products. This has allowed us to understand the industry-specific needs of each customer.

Electro-mechanical assemblies range in complexity and we can accommodate our customer’s build requirements.

Our CIC room is another resource our customers have access to when they partner with us. You can learn more about it here but the idea is that you can come into our facility and have a space to work through questions and design ideas.

We have a robust supply chain with several partners in the metals and plastics industries both domestically and abroad. Depending on the complexity of your assembly we can lend our experience in sourcing many different materials.

Although we encourage our customers to use us for board productions and then transition into electro-mechanical assemblies it’s not a requirement. If you are currently looking for someone to only manufacture the assembly we can certainly help.

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