VR Difference

We're Experts...

Manufacturing powers our economy, moves us forward and drives innovation. We’re experts. We know what it takes to build the products of tomorrow and have put the processes in place for sustained, continuous growth.

Deciding to partner with us is a strategic decision. We’re looking to work with others who also understand our vision for an innovative future, with products that make people’s lives better.

We’re partners. That means we’re invested in you and want to make your vision succeed


Committed to Quality

We are involved with many of the industry’s top certifications, registrations and memberships. That means your products are built to strict, globally recognized standards. Internal and external audits are routinely completed, ensuring we achieve these standards.

Customer Innovation Center

Your team can work with VR Industries on-site at our facility and collaborate with our team to work through different aspects of finalizing your product. The CIC guides your product through three distinct stages with a workflow designed to get you quickly toward prototype production runs.

Program Management

Our team is in place to bridge the gap between your technical expertise and the nuances of manufacturing. Connecting with customers is vital to a successful partnership. Realizing your business goals by working with us is expected. VR will see the program through to completion.